About Hogbirds

We grew up in a small Western Oklahoma town and combined the love of aviation and the outdoors creating Hogbirds. Our mission is to provide a premier bucket list experience with precise execution. Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities while delivering maximum success both in the air and on the ground. Operated by current and retired military, we serve all who have served.

UH-60 Black Hawk

The Black Hawk is the troop carrier of modern day combat forces around the world. Hunt hogs, target practice, or embark on one of many military simulations to test your skills and learn something new. Our Black Hawk holds 6 people, plus crew. It supports mounted weapons as well.

MD500E, OH-6, and MD600N

These birds are turbine-powered sport cars of the sky designed for low-level flight in a combat zone. Our service and safety record is unmatched. Primarily used for the feral hog depredation program (Helicopter Hog Hunting), the 500 carries two shooters at a time and the 600N carries up to 4 shooter at a time. As long as you can fit into the safety gear, you fly.

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Doing the hogbirds helicopter hunt was a unbelievable experience! I have hunted for a while and the hour I spent in the helicopter hunt was the most fun I have ever had. The Hogbirds team is first class and I always felt 100% safe. I had never flown in a Helicopter before but Corey and the team really made everything simple while explaining what I should expect in the air. I got my first hog that day and It's something I never will forget. I will definitely be doing this again in the future. These guys are pros and put me on hogs and coyotes the entire hunt. Thanks for the great time and memories Hogbirds! You guys Rock!

Clint Avara

This is an amazing experience. Hog Birds knows how to be professional but make things fun at the same time. I highly recommend their services to hunters of any skill level or those looking for a unique business outing experience.

Jake B

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